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Filmed Live Action Productions

We work with you to understand your brand and it’s target audience and from there create an inspirational story to help drive the viewer towards taking the actions you require.

This may take the form of the story of your company and it’s products today, an interesting tale behind the company, or as simple as the production process from start to end through impactful editing. Or take a concept and create something more abstract that’s never been seen before! All filmed in high end cinematic quality.

Our 2 main videographers have more than 2 decades experience between them in video production, having worked at well known agencies as well as for themselves. hey are just as at home filming beautifully shot interviews as they are filming processes on the factory floor or installations out on site. Of course they have also filmed a huge range of types of videos outside of this sphere which all brings useful experience and creative ideas that can be incorporated.

We set ourselves aside by offering a local service to the Huddersfield area. Whereas only a small percentage of companies used to be able to afford to benefit from video, the opposite is now the case. Almost every company can and needs to be using video to take themselves closer to their goals faster. This means that we are now able to bring our quality work and expertise closer to home to the benefit of the local area.

The advantage is that we can scale from large productions to a half day shoot, which may be enough for smaller companies. We can even call in if there’s something you want to proudly show on social media. You’ve managed to build an audience, why waste it on poorly shot unedited phone footage. Make the most of the situation!

We bring with us a comprehensive range of kit suitable for this kind of work. From portable LED lighting that can be carried almost anywhere and doesn’t rely on power leads to a job crane to get up high to sliders and gimbal stabilisers for smooth camera moves, as well as inventive fixtures and fittings to place the camera wherever you need it.

We undertake professional lighting and sound capturing duties ourselves as part of our normal

We can also supply:

Voiceovers either in our house go to artists or choose from a wide range including foreign translations.

Presenters – have a professional do your presenting

Set hire- We have a good range of studios at our disposal that we have used over the years.

Drone Videography Only commercially licensed drone operators like ours can be used for promotional videos for companies.

Set hire- We have a good range of studios at our disposal that we have used over the years.

Translations and Overdubbing If your video needs to reach a wider market we can get your script translated into most of the major languages and usually revoiced.


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