2d Animation

Our animation process has 2 massive advantages:

1. you don’t need to appear in front of the camera or hire expensive actors and extras.

It’s rare to find people that are supremely confident when stepping in front of the camera. Yet appearing onscreen can bea very powerful, often essential part of a video.

Thankfully, we have developed a unique animation process that let’s you or a made up fictional presenter appear onscreen. You can use your own voice – this is a lot easier to do confidently thank facing the camera, or have an actor voice the character.

This way you and your staff still get to still appear on screen, and often in a more engaging way. People are so used to seeing real faces on screem, but take a lot more notice due when they see an animated character. Animation oozes expensive budget and class but our process narrows this down from what traditionally cost millions, to thousands more recently, to under a thousand or even just a few hundred pounds!

We use a unique combination of techniques and software to make this possible. And better still for you, we’re right on your doorstep so your really should be taking advantage of this opportunity.

2. Whatever you dream up can be brought to the screen at a tiny fraction of a cost in a manner that the audience buys into.

Your video can be set anywhere limited only by your imagination, with any kind of effects and cast list. To do this with video would cost a fortune to do convincingly. Anything that doesn’t quite look right jars with the viewer and takes them out of the experience. With animation people just buy into it and go with the flow!
Animation can demonstrate things that would be impractical to film in real life and creates an emotional attachments. It can exaggerate to get points across more effectively and it embeds itself in people’s brains and memories.
The opportunities are endless so why not meet up for a chat and let our imaginations run wild?


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